Evam Demo Tool

Here are all available commands you can send through the Demo Tool’s Developer zone.

You can access it here: Evam Demo Tool.


This will update the location of the vehicle in Vehicle Services.

{"type": "location", "value": {"latitude": 59.356065,"longitude": 17.968331}}


This will update the location of the vehicle along a route.

    "type": "route",
    "value": [
        {"latitude": 59.363155, "longitude": 18.025612, "sleep": 6000},
        {"latitude": 59.363493, "longitude": 18.02568, "sleep": 1000},
        {"latitude": 59.363717, "longitude": 18.025761, "sleep": 1000},
        {"latitude": 59.364143, "longitude": 18.025904, "sleep": 1000},
        {"latitude": 59.364146, "longitude": 18.026173, "sleep": 1500},
        {"latitude": 59.364153, "longitude": 18.026436, "sleep": 1500},
        {"latitude": 59.364211, "longitude": 18.026603, "sleep": 1500},
        {"latitude": 59.364274, "longitude": 18.026719, "sleep": 1500}

The sleep field specifies how long (in ms) should the application wait until moving to the next location.


This will inject an Operation using the same format as the Dispatch from SOS Alarm in Sweden.

This is an example “10200” profile intended for fire and rescue usage:

    "type": "comcoder", 
    "raw": "{0x12}10200{0x13}18{0x13}1358263{0x13}1{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME+0}{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME-20}{0x13}1{0x13}Trafikolycka{0x13}Personbil{0x13}Övrigt{0x13}{0x13}Tre bilar inblandade. Två skadade. En person fastklämd enligt ambulans på plats. Avvakta skyddsfordon vid brytpunkt.{0x13}E4 Norrgående{0x13}Stockholm{0x13}Stockholm{0x13}{0x13}La = 59° 22,0949'N    Lo = 018° 1,2303'E{0x13}{0x13}101-0090{0x16}Framme{0x16}Stockholm{0x13}240-1-9230022{0x16}230 RtjIns-1{0x15}240-1-9030011{0x16}Sthm RAPS-01{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}La = 59° 21,8576'N    Lo = 018° 1,6015'E{0x13}Parkering avfart Haga Norra{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x14}"

And an example “10036” profile for ambulance usage:

    "type": "comcoder", 
    "raw": "{0x12}10036{0x13}3{0x13}34{0x13}1{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME+0}{0x13}Test{0x13}Testkort{0x13}Man ca 60{0x13}1{0x13}Bröstsmärtor{0x13}Smärtor i skuldror, armar eller käkar{0x13}Övrigt{0x13}Hög risk av hjärtinfarkt. Andningsproblem, osammanhängande tal.{0x13}E4 Norrgående{0x13}Stockholm{0x13}Stockholm{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}{0x13}La = 59° 22,0949'N    Lo = 018° 1,2303'E{0x13}{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME+0}{0x13}Eugeniavägen{0x13}164{0x13}Stockholm-Karolinska{0x13}Stockholm{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME+300}{0x13}{0x13}La = 59° 21,0136'N  Lo = 18° 2,0541'E{0x13}{0x13}Test Medicinsk{0x13}Framme infart{0x13}240-1-9230022{0x16}230 SjvIns-1{0x15}240-1-9888565{0x16}Sthm RAPS-01{0x13}{0x13}{CURDATE} {CURTIME+30}{0x13}08-123456{0x13}314-9610{0x16}Framme{0x16}Stockholm{0x13}{0x13}Händelsen inträffade under lunchen{0x13}{0x14}"

You can specify placeholder elements in “raw” that will be substituted when injected:

  • {0x...}: Delimiter bytes, specific to the profile - you should not need to modify them from the examples above,

  • {CURDATE}: Inject today’s date,

  • {CURTIME+N} or {CURTIME-N}: Inject the current time, plus or minus N seconds.